Sodium acetate
Potassium acetate

Zinc acetate
ammonium acetate

Zinc chrome yellow
Direct method Zinc oxide

Shijiazhuang Haosheng Chemical Co., Ltd is located at national highway 307 stage of Shide highway, North China plain. It is 48km away from the downtown. We enjoy good location.

Founded in 1985, we specialize in the metallurgy of non-ferrous metal and manufacturing of chemicals. Depending on the experienced technicians and good management system, we have become a large scale private chemical enterprise with 30,000sqm of lands. At present, we can produce 1,500 tons of crystal Sodium acetate, 500 tons of Lead chrome yellow, 200 tons of zinc, 1,500 tons of Industrial anhydrous Sodium acetate, 1,000 tons of edible and Pharmaceutical Sodium acetate, 1,500 tons of potassium acetate , 2,000 tons of Zinc acetate and 3,000 tons of oxalic acid every year.

Our company has got the certificate of ISO9001 quality system. Following ministry standard and national standard, our quality products have been well-received in China and other counties. Our registered trademark “KaishouSi” has become very popular in our customers.

Quality and customers are number one priority to us. We try to get development through quality product and honest business. We are awarded as "Reliable Company". We can provide various service ways for our customers. Customers are highly satisfied with our service.

Haosheng is expanding its business from large business,and we are trying to get development from development.We welcome your business and visit.



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